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About Us

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 We harbor much collaboration with local Universities and affiliations with many non-profit organizations. The idea of MG Technology comes from a strong passion to bridge the gap of STEM education among underrepresented underserved K-12 students. 

Educational Tools

 MG Technology was created in 2014 for the sole purpose of balancing science technology, engineering, and math among underrepresented under served K-12 students. It is family owned and operated. Our CEO has a Master Degree in System Engineering (Rickey J. Muirhead), and our Co-CEO has a BS in Electrical Engineering (Christopher R. Muirhead). The founders Cedric and Juanita Graham collectively share over 10 years of certified welding and STEM education for K-12 students.  

Balancing STEM Education

 Starting this business with just a dream and no funds, makes it more than just selling products. It is the foundation of a vision to get science, technology, engineering and math to all students regardless of their school or where they live. The opportunity to offer STEM training kits on any level will help drive students into more STEM related careers.